May 29, 2017
Organon Deca-Durabolin 100mg
May 29, 2017
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Organon Sustanon250

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Organon Sustanon250

Sustanon is testosterone mixture which is without doubt the most popular of its kind.

It was originally formed to a produce a testosterone compound consisting of different sized esters which would lead to instant and long lasting benefits it terms of testosterone.

The most famous form of this compound is Sustanon 250 which consists of four different forms of ester. It’s used to treat patients suffering from low levels of testosterone. One injection of this compound every three to four weeks is usually enough for correct the problem.

This is an excellent compound when it comes to performance enhancement and is therefore ideal for athletes.

Side Effects

Sustanon has the effect of heavy aromatizing therefore the main side effect will be that testosterone will be converted into estrogen. This increase in the levels of estrogen will lead to problems like the development of breast among males and extensive water retention. This might result in high blood pressure.

Listed below are certain notes regarding the side effects of Sustanon:

  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure you should refrain from this product.
  • High cholesterol patients should also refrain from supplementing.
  • All patients suffering from prostate enlargement should refrain from supplementing.
  • If you are not healthy and suffer from some form of health problem you should supplement.
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